Apr 12, 2016

My First (INCREDIBLE) Readings with the Wisdom of the Oracle

I received this deck in the mail today. I wanted to share the first three readings I did with them, because they were magically, incredibly, unbelievably on point.

The first question I asked was what I should focus on today. In my head, it was the choice between doing something creative, cleaning the house (which was scheduled for yesterday, but was delayed because I spent the day gardening) or finishing binge watching the current season of The Walking Dead.  The card I drew was CLEAN IT UP. I mean, seriously. I was bowled over. The cards literally took one of my choices and spat it back out at me. It was incredible, even though it was the least desirable of the options facing me today. But I took the advice and cleaned house. How could I not?

The second question was for my son. He is going to make a trade with someone online, and wanted to know if the transaction would go well, if he could trust this guy to hold up his end of the trade. I drew another really relevant answer. LOYAL HEART. This told me that the guy would be trustworthy and the deal would go well.

The third reading was for my daughter. She asked for a way to make more money. Now, I didn't think any card could possible shock me more than the directness of the first card I drew, but this one took the cake. CHOP WOOD. Next weekend, my kids are scheduled to go to a friend's parents' house to cut down a dead tree in the yard and help gather up all the cut pieces of wood. They're getting paid to do so. I mean... come on! I've never had a deck (and I have a couple hundred decks) with a card title referring to chopping wood. And the kids have never before had an offer to chop wood. The two coming together is nothing short of magical. Really. I got goosebumps when I drew this card! Hours later, and I'm still in shock. So I told her it meant that she needs to focus on the job at hand, and only after that will another financial opportunity present itself to her.

All I can say is if you don't yet have this deck, and you're into oracles, run, don't walk to Amazon. 

P.S. I'm still finishing binging The Walking Dead tonight. #CauseI'mAddicted