Oct 2, 2017

Teaser: My 2 new oracle decks!

October Oracle (left) and Haunted Oracle (right)

I have an exciting announcement!

Coming Friday the 13th of October 2017... the release of my two new oracle decks!

Both decks are suited for Autumn (my very favorite season).

The October Oracle is a fall-themed deck, while the Haunted Oracle is a darker, more sinister deck for those who aren't afraid of the dark (or who are, but enjoy it). My nicknames for these two new decks are Scorpio Lite and Scorpio Dark 2.0.

More detailed information coming soon! Follow me on Instagram to see more of the decks before their release: @thebohemianess . And find the decks more easily with the hashtags: #OctoberOracle and #HauntedOracle .


P.S. The Sepiafoto Lenormand, my first deck baby, will also be returning this month! Woot! #SepiafotoLenormand