Sep 5, 2016

Tarot Spread: Problem Solving

I threw together a quick Problem Solving spread to read on a situation that has been bothering me, and I thought I'd share. It's a simple linear 4-card layout.


1. The Nature of the Situation (The Problem Itself)
Five of Cups
Wow, I love it when the cards do this. It's like talking to a person rather than a deck of cards when they throw the reality out at you like this. The Five of Cups is precisely the problem I'm reading about, and this card appeared in my daily draw this morning. I feel disappointed and betrayed because someone I counted on let me down.

2. The Cause of the Problem
King of Wands
Yes! It's this guy! Look at him... he's rolled the die and it has landed on K for Kiki!!! That's what he's supposed to be focusing on. But he's shifted his attention, and his eyes are now entertained elsewhere. He's not concerned about following through with his decision. He's decided that the K stands for King instead, and is off to go see to some other Kingly duty.

3. The Solution to the Problem
Ten of Coins
This card speaks of community. From the LWB: "The Earth Coin Village works as a community. Those who live in it share with each other, helping to build a better village..." It looks like I'm not supposed to give up on this King just yet. He may have more than one thing weighing on his mind, and though he wasn't able to come through for me when he said he could, perhaps I shouldn't rule him out altogether. His energy just may be spread out to more than he can handle in a timely manner right now. I'm being encouraged to believe that there will be enough resources to go around, and there will still be a way to get what I needed from this King, whether it comes from him, someone else in my community, or myself.

4. The Result of the Outcome
Six of Wands
Well, what have we here? The King is back (literally, the same character!) and he's delivering a vase of wands to... me?! I look back at the King of Wands card and see he has only one wand in his hand, with the number 5 on his hat. The hat tops his head, indicating where his thoughts are. He has abandoned my needs in search of something more important. He needs to get five more wands. So perhaps this King in my life has to make a detour first... maybe there is a more pressing need that he has to attend to, and he has to go relieve someone else's "pain" (which is either more urgent than mine or was first in line) before he can focus his energy on me and my needs. When the King finally gets around to the Six of Wands card, the 5 on his hat is gone, but there is now a 6 on the vase. He's moved on past the 5, and is now there for me.

So in the end, it looks like he just might come through after all. This was a really encouraging thing to see, and I will have to wait and see, and perhaps not give up all hope just yet. Because of the 6 on the vase of manifestation, I'm going to give this situation six days and see what more, if anything, comes of it. I also now see the 5 on the King's hat to mean that he hasn't forgotten where he has left me in the 5 of Cups card. And as long as I'm using hats as metaphors to what's on one's mind, have a gander at the future and my pink hat in the Six of Wands card. It's taller than my body, indicating that my thoughts on the matter continued to grow and grow and grow, until the King finally came through. So I will mellow out about it a bit, before my thoughts on the matter overtake me! And we shall see what happens.

Deck: Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot, by US Games Systems, Inc.

© This is my original spread creation. If you use it on your blog/website/insta/etc., please credit me and link back to this spread page on my blog. Thank you! 

This spread was originally published on my previous blog (Tarot Dame) on 7/9/09.