Sep 17, 2016

Oracle Deck Review: The Secret Language of Colour Cards

The Secret Language of Colour Cards is a gorgeous 45-card deck created by Inna Segal and published by Blue Angel Publishing. The deck I have is the original Australian version, so it is spelled "Colour".  In the US version (due out in October of 2011) it will be spelled "Color", and I believe some of the card images will be different.
"The Secret Language of Colour Cards are your key to unlocking the extraordinary healing power of colour.  Combining tips and information on colours with powerful healing processes and affirmations, this vibrant and powerful card set by bestselling author Inna Segal is a tool you can use daily to receive inspired messages of guidance from the Universe and to restore your body to its natural state of health and harmony."
(Above excerpt taken from the back of the box.)

The Cards
The cards measure approximately 3 3/4" x 5 1/2" and have a glossy sheen to them.  Since they are on the larger size, I actually shuffle them vertically. Luckily they are flexible enough to do so with ease. The backs of the cards aren't reversible, but the deck isn't designed to be read with reversals.  The image on the backs looks like translucent flower petals layered on loose stripes of rainbow colored lines (see below).  The cards are wonderfully borderless on three sides, giving the images full exposure.  The bottom border of each card matches the color theme of the card and is labeled with a color, key phrase and number.

The images on the cards are bright, crisp and gorgeous. They would serve beautifully as focal points for meditation. It was impossibly difficult to choose just a select few to feature in this review, because they are all so fantastic and deserving of viewing. I can't even begin to discuss some of my favorites, because I wouldn't know where to draw the line.

I don't think there are any cards I can say that I dislike, but if I had to pick a least favorite, it would be one of the two red cards (Rose and Scarlet), simply because they feature people, and don't seem to blend in seamlessly with the non-human nature of the rest of the cards. No facial features or details are seen on these people, as they are dark silhouettes against the background. The Rose card shows a man and woman in a face-to-face embrace on the beach. And the Scarlet card shows the back of someone with arms lifted toward the sky.

Most of the cards feauture scenes from nature. But there are a few that stray, feauturing items such as bars of chocolate, shiny silver coins, cherries and pearls, to name a few.

The color group which is most represented in the deck just happens to be my favorite (purple) with cards including Indigo, Mauve, Plum, Lilac, Purple, Lavender, and Violet.  I like that black and white are included, as well as silver, gold and bronze. There's even a Rainbow card, incorporating many colors at once.

How it Reads
This isn't a deck that you would use for readings like you normally would with a typical tarot or oracle deck. These cards are to be used for contemplation, self-improvement, healing, meditation, and insight. The way I used the deck was to draw two cards daily. The first card showed me what color I would benefit from wearing that day, and the second card was to serve as inspiration for contemplation or action for the day.  It definitely made me realize how sorely my wardrobe is lacking in a variety of bright colors, and made me want to remedy that. And the contemplation cards I drew were always either extremely  synchronous or timely for me.

There are many ways to use this deck for readings, aside from the method I developed for myself.  The booklet gives several suggestions with helpful tips on each:

1. Ask a question and select a card for your answer.
2. Place a card on a part of your body that needs healing.
3. Chakra clearing.
4. Working with others.
5. Meditation.
6. Eating or drinking chosen color.
7. Wearing chosen color.
8. Surrounding yourself with chosen color.
9. Spending time in nature.
10. Painting.
and more!

Although I haven't used these cards yet  for healing purposes, I can definitely see the potential benefit of doing so. The colors are so clear and powerful and pleasing to the eye. It's something I will absolutely delve into with these cards in the future.

Another idea I had for using these cards was to go through the deck when you're feeling less than wonderful, whether physically or emotionally. Choose a card to represent how you're feeling at the moment (not randomly, but purposefully picking a card that suits your feeling).  Then, again deliberately, select a card that you feel is a match for how you would like to feel instead.  Keep that card out and look at it often throughout the day. Try to find something to wear that is that color, or something to eat or drink that is that color. In addition to clothing, I have also taken to carrying a gemstone that matches the color of the card. Anything you can do to surround yourself with the energy of the desired color may help.

Accompanying Booklet
The booklet is 84 pages, written by Inna Segal. It begins with a Table of Contents, for easy reference to the cards.  The Introduction covers the power of color and how people use color to heal. Then the card usage ideas I mentioned above are included, with details on each.  There's a section covering FAQs. Then the bulk of the book is devoted to the meanings of each card. At the end is an "About the Author" page.

The passages in the book include an affirmation for every card. Also included with each card is a unique, specific recommended activity, meditation or visualization.

Following is an excerpt from the book:

9. Gold
Attract Abundance
Gold helps with clarity and decision making.  It attracts abundance, expands your awareness and helps you to get in touch with wisdom, profound knowledge and joy.

Gold strengthens all fields of the body and spirit.  It is the strongest colour to help heal all illness. However, it needs to be used wisely.

To attract abundance, focus on activating Golden energy in the palms of your hands.

Hold a Gold coin in each of your palms.  Focus on the feeling of gratitude for the abundance that you already have.

Close your eyes and bless the coins. Imagine the coins multiply into a mountain of abundance. Focus on activating Golden energy in the palms of your hands, by sending Golden light into them.  When your hands begin to tingle you'll know that they have been activated.  Now, where appropriate, everything you touch can turn to Gold.

Say: "Divine Spirit, open the well of abundance in my heart and attract continuous blessings into my life."

• • •

Final Thoughts
I love this deck.  Love it!  I can't stop looking through the cards and absorbing the positive energy contained within them.  I'd recommend this deck to anyone and everyone. I feel it's an invaluable addition to the world of oracle cards. It fills a hole that needed to be filled. Using simple imagery and the power of color to spark intuition and healing, it is a unique and beautiful tool to have in your deck arsenal. There's nothing else like it.

The deck stands alone, fulfilling the purposes it was designed for, but I also feel it would be a great supplement to a tarot reading.

Note: My scanner added weird rainbow lines to the Auburn card. Those don't appear on the actual card.

Deck: The Secret Language of Colour Cards (by Inna Segal, published by Blue Angel Publishing)

The US version of the deck (The Secret Language of Color Cards) is available for pre-order, to be published in October 2011.

This deck review was originally published on my previous blog (Tarot Dame) on 7/6/11.