Aug 27, 2016

Question and Answer Tarot Spread

I devised this two-card spread which is a fun combination of two things. First, you allow the deck to choose the question, which is an interesting twist to reading. Second, the manner of drawing the cards is based on a card game that I have recently taught my girls (Hit or Miss).

Question/Answer Spread

1. In two piles, separate the Majors from the Minors in your tarot deck.

2. Shuffle the Majors. Then turn the cards over one at a time. When you turn over the first card, call out "Zero". Turning over the second card, say "One"... and so on, in order. When the number of the card you flip over actually matches the number you call out, then that is your Question card. (If you go through the entire pile without a match, shuffle the cards and try again.)

3. Shuffle the Minors, and repeat the same process. But start with "Ace" and go through to the King (if you get that far). If you say "King" before you find a match, continue flipping over cards, starting over with "Ace". When you get a match, that is the answer to your Question card.

Example, using the Majors, if the 13th card I flip over is #13 (Death), then that is my Question. And it can be phrased in whatever way makes sense for you. (What do I need to release? What is ending in my life? etc.)

And using the Minors, if the 12th card I turn over is the Knight of Cups, then that is the answer. (Maybe there is a need to release any romantic notions, or a relationship is coming to an end.)

It's a fun spread, and great for times when you really want to play with the cards, but you don't have a question in mind.

Variation: A simpler way to do the Question/Answer thing, and spend some time playing with a deck is this: Shuffle the deck, then turn over the top card as the question, and the second card as the answer. Continue to go through the entire deck quickly, asking and answering in single sentences. This gets your intuitive juices flowing, as there's no pressure to over-analyze the meanings. You just say the first thing that pops into your head and move onto the next set. Also, you don't have to deal with the hassle of separating the Majors from the Minors.

Here's the Question/Answer reading I did (using the first method):


Question: The Fool
What do I need to know about this new path I am embarking on? (Very timely question!)

Answer: Two of Chalices
I have met my match. I have found a path that I click with on a soul level. I am following my heart. I can look at this new journey as I would any new relationship. The journey is my new partner, and I need to be loving and devoted and attentive to my new way of living. This choice I have made can't be a one night stand! The man and woman in this card are clinking goblets, "Cheers!" I do believe my new path is just as excited to have me as I am to walk it.

I was drawn to something bizarre in the lower right corner of the card. The only remaining remnants of a stone statue - a foot, cut off just above the ankle. This brought to mind the phrase "one step at a time". With nothing but a single foot, there's really no other option, is there? So this was a reminder to me that I need to be patient. Slow progress is better than no progress. That is something I really need to remember when I inevitably become discouraged and impatient along the way.

Deck: Universal Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

© This is my original spread creation. If you use it on your blog/website/insta/etc., please credit me and link back to this spread page on my blog. Thank you!

This spread was originally published on my previous blog (Tarot Dame) on 8/29/09.