Nov 13, 2015

New Moon Oracle - November 2015 Waxing Moon

The New Moon was a couple days ago. I am a bit late in posting this, but the oracle is good for two weeks (until the Full Moon), so it is still relevant.

The waxing moon is a time of growth, manifesting, coming, growing, becoming.

Pulling from the Major Arcana of the Dreaming Way Tarot, I drew...

The Tower.


I pulled this card for last month's New Moon Oracle, using a different tarot deck.

So we're looking at two straight months of Tower power.

Last month, the Tower energy manifested itself for me in a big way - but in a GOOD big way. Something that had become a habit over the past few years, draining my energy and wallet, ended suddenly, abruptly, all at once. It was a wonderful, unexpected, super-exciting and joyful gift from the Universe.

Two days ago when I drew this card, on the day of the new moon, I experienced another Tower manifestation. A life-changing event, again for the good. This was a miraculous thing - completely out of the blue, completely annihilating an old, outdated, painful way of doing things, to be replaced by a new, easier, more effortless, painless and better way of doing something that was previously really sucky. It was totally unexpected, wholly miraculous. The old was wiped out by the New and Improved.

The Tower can be a huge breakthrough... destruction for good. Think Kali.

Goddess Kali 2 by MiaLaia on DeviantArt

If you want to be proactive, and not wait for the Tower to hit you, you can ask Kali to destroy anything in your life that you want gone. I did this just the other day, and visualized her violently hacking away at the energetic cords binding me to someone I no longer wanted an emotional connection to. I could feel the change in me immediately.

So again, for the next couple of weeks, be open. You don't even have to be alert, because you can't miss the Tower when it hits you. Just be open to major change.

And if the Tower happens to knock you on your ass, really try to remember that it's for the best. It really is. Good things will come of it, even if you can't yet see how. (But usually it's pretty obvious, real quick.) Life is just clearing the way for your good.