Apr 8, 2015

VEGAN Apple-Bacon-Gouda Biscuit Balls

I've come across a bunch of Pinterest recipes for breakfast muffins like the ones you get at those dreaded fast food restaurants. With some Daiya Smoked Gouda cheese burning a hole in my fridge, I wanted to make a vegan version. Instead of the usual egg (or tofu replacement) I mixed things up a bit and used shredded apple.

• 6 vegan refrigerated biscuits
• 3 Tb. shredded, peeled apple (1 large apple)
• 6 tsp. vegan bacon bits
• 6 Tb. shredded Daiya Smoked Gouda
• extra virgin olive oil (optional)
• cooking spray

Preheat your oven according to the directions on your biscuit container.

Peel a large apple (any type you like, whatever you have on hand). Shred the apple (using a cheese grater), then squeeze the shreds to drain most of the juice out of them.

Flatten each biscuit with your hand.

In the center of each biscuit, place: 1/2 Tb. shredded apple, 1 tsp. bacon bits, and 1 Tb. shredded cheese.

Going around the biscuit, fold up the sides of the biscuit to surround the toppings. Pinch the dough together so the insides are contained, with no holes.

Spray a muffin tin lightly with cooking spray. Place biscuit balls in the muffin tin, pinched side down.

Optional: Brush the tops of the biscuit balls lightly with olive oil.

Cook for the time indicated on your biscuit container. I added another minute to mine, to allow for the added moisture in the ingredients.

Note: The package of biscuits I used contained 10 biscuits. I only used 6 for this recipe. so I just made regular biscuits with the remaining dough. The biscuits were normal sized. If you use a "grand" size, you'll want to up the amount of ingredients that go inside.

Great served warm, or even at room temperature.

Makes 6 Biscuit Balls