Tarot Spreads

I am slowly transferring all my deck reviews and spreads over from my previous blog (Tarot Dame). There are a lot, so it will take me awhile. Keep checking this page, or connect with me on Instagram for updates: @thebohemianess.

These are my original spread creations. If you use one of them on your blog/website/insta/etc., please credit me and link back to the spread page on my blog. Thank you!

1 Card
Meditation Focus

2 Cards
Friday the 13th
Question and Answer

3 Cards
Charlotte Mason
Goldilocks (3-card variation)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Life Lesson
New Year
Tarot Math
Uncovering the Muck

3-78 Cards
Goldilocks Spread

4 Cards
Law of Attraction
Naughty or Nice (The Santa Stocking Spread) ... published in the 2009 Tarot Lovers' Calendar!
Problem Solving
Tarot Math
Weekend Ahead
Where Am I?

5 Cards
All Purpose
Five-W Soulmate
Suckage and Excellence

6 Cards
Independence Day

7 Cards
Pros and Cons

9 Cards
Lifting the Veil: An Otherworldly Halloween Spread

10 Cards
Giving and Receiving Blockage