Haunted Oracle 2: Second Edition!

Now Available!

Haunted Oracle 2 is a sequel deck. Just like the first edition, this one is a dark photographic deck in black and white. It has 47 all new cards! The backs are the same as the first edition, so you can combine the two decks for a 94-card mega deck.

Please Note: The cards will print darker than they appear on the printer's website preview.

  • 47 all new cards!
  • Skinny cards measuring 1.75" x 3.5"
  • Borderless
  • 330 gsm - superior smooth quality cardstock with black core
  • Shrinkwrapped, in a plain white tuck box
  • NO accompanying booklet

The deck does not come with an accompanying booklet. You are encouraged to let the images and titles guide your intuitive reading of these cards.


Decks are printed on demand and will be shipped to you directly. Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery. The decks will ship internationally. For those outside of the USA, there may be customs charges upon delivery for those applicable countries.