Jul 8, 2017

Book Review: The Heart of the Labyrinth

The Heart of the Labyrinth is a soulful tale by Nicole Schwab, published by female-forward Womancraft Publishing.

Maya's world is about to change irrevocably. Her health is severely failing her, while her career, family and very identity disintegrate simultaneously. She discovers something about her past which leads her to follow the callings of her soul, returning to the home of her ancestors. There she meets two people instrumental to her physical and soul healing. The characters' stories are eventually all woven together beautifully. The story oscillates between various lifetimes while Maya rediscovers her purpose and reconnects with the divine feminine within. The story is fiction, but rings true.

The themes in the book include earth-based physical and soul healing, the divine feminine, priestesses and oracles, old and new religion, deliberate creation, following your soul's calling, dreams and visions, reincarnation and past lives. 

Everywhere you turn these days, there is a new spiritual book popping up. So many of them are simplified and dumbed down to appeal to the masses. They are vapid and empty of quality, depth and real meaning. The Heart of the Labyrinth is not one of those books. It is a refreshingly smart, deep and rich read.

This book takes you on a journey where you can witness the beauty of a soulful connection between humans and the earth, as well as the detrimental effects when there is disconnection between the two. Many times during my reading of this book, I would pause for awhile to absorb the sentence I had just read, then I would re-read it again. It was a luscious reading experience.

For the first few days I would read a passage from the book, then draw a couple cards from my Haindl Tarot deck. The cards would directly mimic the passage I had just read, like magic. This synchronicity served to emphasize the importance of the messages in this book.

The Heart of the Labyrinth encourages you to listen to the call of your inner wisdom. To return to a consciousness that incorporates the power of the divine feminine. To return to the earth for healing and spiritual connection. It is not a self-help book, but a journey within, where you are sure to recognize parts of yourself throughout Maya's journey. It is a wonderfully refreshing spiritual book that shines apart from the rest. It reminds us that we all have the power within us to be what we want to be, to live up to our spiritual potential, to stand strong against earthly destruction and to recognize the connection between the earth's health and our own. This book helps to waken us up from the dream we are caught in. Living a life of mediocrity and conformity is not necessary or inevitable. The Heart of the Labyrinth will help you remember who you really are and the beautiful life you are truly capable and deserving of living.

Book: The Heart of the Labyrinth, by Nicole Schwab, published by Womancraft Publishing.