My Intuitive Reading Style

Hello! Thank you for your interest in booking an intuitive reading with me. The readings I now offer have evolved and I'd like to explain the reasons behind this change.

I have been giving readings for over 15 years. For many of those years I focused on the typical tarot reading style, discussing the cards I drew and what they mean for the situation at hand. Over time, I found this method of reading to be boring to me as a reader and unnecessary to my clients for several reasons. Either my clients were readers themselves and didn't need to be schooled on the cards' meanings, or they weren't readers and didn't need to know - they were there for the message, not a lesson in tarot cards. What became more important to me as time went by was giving my clients the messages that came through me, without the unnecessary fluff of the pretty cards.

Although my blog and social media are filled with cards (I have over 300 decks!), I no longer provide the tarot cards drawn, card meanings, interpretations or photos with my readings. I don't even mention cards in my readings now. While I may use the cards to guide my messages, I find it cumbersome and unnecessary to waste time on the details of the cards. I prefer to just relay the messages I see. When I do readings, I move the cards around and it is a very interactive experience for me, one that is not easy to put into words, and not easy to document in photos. So I allow the cards to talk to me and through me and what you get is the message, without the "how" I got there. Often my mind will leap from one idea to the next and it can't be explained by looking at the cards. Therefore, I now focus on just relaying the intuitive messages to my clients, giving them the substance they come to me for, without the unnecessary fluff.

For the same reason, I also no longer send PDF format readings. Your reading will simply be sent to you in the body of an email. Taking the time to format a PDF became another waste of unnecessary time, bogging me down and taking the joy away from the readings, all to provide the same exact message just wrapped in a prettier package. My priorities have shifted, and with them the artificial aspects had to go, in order for me to maintain my happiness in giving readings focused on substance.

Please know that I absolutely understand that some people look forward to the nicely formatted PDFs and photos of the pretty cards, and I definitely get it. Most readers out there will give you that, so there is no shortage of opportunity for you to find a reader who will give you the aesthetic you desire. (Like I said, I totally get it, cards are pretty and cool!) It's just not where I'm at in my reading style now.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the reasons behind my reading style evolution. By paring down the reading experience to the bare bones, I am able to be freely intuitive without the tedium of explaining how I got there, and authentic to myself by cutting out all the parts of the reading that felt like a chore. I found it tiring to focus so much of the reading on presentation that I came to dread giving readings. I wanted to enjoy it again. So I placed boundaries on what I would and would not do going forward.

If you would like to book a reading with me, you can order below. During check out, there is an area to pose your question or provide an area of focus for the reading.

Please note:
1. I will not answer a yes/no question. I am here to explore multiple facets of your situation. (Plus it'd be pretty pricey for a one-word answer.)

2. I will not do predictive readings (Will he? Won't she?). While I do predictive Lenormand readings for myself, I do not feel comfortable dictating someone's future to them.

3. I will not answer medical or legal questions as that is against the law.

If you need help formulating an inquiry for your reading, or if you have any questions, please email me at and I will be happy to work it out with you.

I look forward to reading for you!

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