Nov 3, 2016

November Magic

Oh, November. The filler month between Halloween and Christmas. No more! I declare November to henceforth be known as my Magical New Year.

I have decided that November will be the Autumn month where I will reclaim and recharge my magic and power (to be repeated in the Spring, in May, with different, lighter aspects of magic.)

This is a Scorpio month. Darkness. Void. A new dark beginning. I am a Scorpio. Born in October, it has always been my favorite month. But I now claim November as mine magically.

The days are shorter and the nights are longer. I thrive in the dark, in the night. This time is mine.

Psychic power and intuition shall be heightened for me in November. I will remember to return to my inner power, and look back over the year. Assess what magic I accomplished. Where I failed to hold my power. Where I want to go forward in the next year, what magic I want to create.

This will be a time to de-clutter, making more empty space for magic to fill.

This will be my time to believe in myself and what I can do. Time to forget what others say I can't do.

Time to flow in the all-powerful nature that is me.

In November, I will remember that my thoughts and emotions are powerful creators. That my word is my wand.

It is not necessarily a month filled with spells and practical magic, but rather a time to remember my power. To remember what I can do. To organize my beliefs.

Some practical steps I will take in November:

  • Throw away my old toothbrush, ridding myself of the toxicity of old words. Starting fresh with a new toothbrush, reminding myself as I brush my teeth that my word is my wand. What I speak has power behind it.

  • Make magical plans for the year ahead. This year I will be using Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook 2017 to plan out my magical year. This planner will be kept sacred, separate from my other daily planners.

  • De-clutter and organize. Throw away what has lost its magic. Trust my vibes to choose what goes and what stays. Organize what remains so that it is pleasing to the eye and soul.

  • Revise my altar to reflect what I want to embody from this point, going forward.

  • Re-assess my choice of daily meditation music.

  • Read books that affirm my power.

  • Reminisce on the magical things I have created in the past.

  • Detect a habit of mine that makes me feel less than powerful, and hand-select an empowering habit to replace it.

  • Remember the times I deeply regretted not listening to my intuition. "Renew my vows" to my intuition.

I will undoubtedly add to this list as the month guides me forward.

I will no longer ignore November, merely waiting for the days until December. This will now be a month that I look forward to. And I am now inspired to do this in the coming year with other "filler" months, because I want to be in love with every single month. I have always crawled miserably through the summer months, waiting for the first sign of Fall. This coming year, I will find something about those months to celebrate.

For now, November has my heart.