Sep 3, 2016

Black Tourmaline: The Introvert's Stone

I have a new best friend. ♥ Black Tourmaline ♥.

As an introvert, when I get caught in an unwanted conversation, I am internally counting each passing moment in agony, wondering which of those moments will be my shot at freedom/escape.

Small talk is absolute torture to me.

A couple months ago, I wondered if there was crystal energy that could help. I checked online and in crystal books, but there weren't any resources for Crystals + Introverts. So I used my intuition.

I went through all my crystals. I knew that Black Tourmaline was a very powerful stone that protects and shields against negative energy. It was the only one of my stones that I felt might be strong enough to help.

I started carrying the only black tourmaline stone I had at the time. It was a very small piece, about half the size of the one shown in the photo above. But I started carrying it in my pocket whenever I knew I would be subjected to forced socialization.

What happened was... a... miracle.

Every time I carried the stone, and put my hand in my pocket to touch it while facing an unwanted conversation, one of two things happened. Either I would be able to survive the conversation with NO negative side effects, or the conversation wouldn't happen at all. The person would leave without addressing me at all.

I had my magic wand!

I normally physically feel anxiety in my chest area when trapped in a useless conversation comprised entirely of small talk. It feels like something is trying to claw its way out of my chest. It is extremely physically uncomfortable, not just mentally. But if I am holding the black tourmaline in my pocket, that physical discomfort doesn't happen. It's incredible. While I still wouldn't choose the conversation, I can endure it without discomfort. And sometimes I don't even need to, because the other person will be called to something else at the time.

I have taken to wearing a sweater with two pockets, and now carry two pieces of black tourmaline, one in each pocket, and casually put my hands in my pockets when the situation warrants it.

Just this morning, I was contemplating writing a blog post about this subject. I had black tourmaline heavily on the brain, although I didn't have it on me. As I opened my door, I was imagining myself floating along on a huge rock of black tourmaline. Immediately, I saw there was someone in my path who is the opposite of me. If he sees you, he finds it physically impossible not to start a conversation with you. A long, drawn out conversation about nothing. He drags the small talk on to a painful extent. I avoid him at all costs, especially when I don't have tourmaline on me. I saw that he saw me, and I quickly walked past him without looking at him. He didn't stop me. He didn't say anything. If you knew this guy, you'd know this was completely unprecedented. That is how powerful this stone is... I was just thinking about it and it shielded me, most miraculously. I immediately got my two stones and put them in my pockets, and I saw him come back my way, yet again he did not disturb me. Ah-mazing.

I love crystals, and have a lot of different types. I have not had the time to get intimate with all of them. There are a select few that I have personally been able to put to the test with success:  I have experienced great success with the good luck aspects of Tourmalinated Quartz (I must be a Tourmaline girl at heart). I have seen Citrine + Blue Lace Agate instantly and irrevocably cure my son of ongoing nightmares. I have witnessed the miracle of Lepidolite healing my daughter's chronic anxiety. And now my introvert heart has a new BFF in Black Tourmaline.

Next year one of my goals is to get to know more of my crystals intimately and see how they work for me in different situations. But I know for sure that I will never again be without black tourmaline.