Jun 23, 2016

Citrus Unblocking Spell

This is a helpful spell I found online many years ago. It is from Judika Illes, the author of Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells. It's called The 5,001st Spell: Citrus Unblocking.

I have used this spell several times to reset my energy.

This spell is to be used if everything feels like it's going wrong, and nothing you've done seems to help. When things that should naturally be happening for your good aren't panning out. Your energy might be blocked, and this ritual helps to unblock you, removing obstacles and clearing the path for fortunate events.

Illes suggests that the longer you've been blocked, the longer it might take to unblock. Since the ingredients are readily available at the grocery store, and inexpensive, it's not a hardship to cast the spell more than once if necessary. I've never felt the need to do it more than once at a time.


• 1 Orange
• 1 Lemon
• 1 Lime

1. Cut each (unpeeled) fruit into quarters.

2. Run a small amount of water in the bathtub. Get undressed, but stand outside of the tub.

3. Starting with the lime, rub each of the quarters along your body, inward to outward.

Take one lime quarter and rub it from your shoulder to your fingertips. (As each quarter is finished, throw it forcefully into the water in the tub, as they represent the blocks that you are now discarding.) Repeat with the second quarter with the other arm. With the third quarter, start from your hip, rubbing the lime down to the tips of your toes. Repeat with the last quarter with the other leg.

While rubbing your arms and legs downward, imagine all negativity leaving your body. Let yourself feel any emotion that comes up (anger, sadness, despair...). You are purging negativity. Think about where you are being blocked in your life.

Affirm that the blocks are being broken. Declare it with confidence.

4. Next, the lemon.  The lemon removes the "Evil Eye", which is any curse, hex, or pointed negativity anyone may have been sending your way. Repeat the process you did with the lime. Instead of focusing on your blocks, with each quarter you rub down your arms and legs, focus on removing the Evil Eye. Declare it broken, cast it out, banish it, deny its power to harm you. (Again, throw each wedge into the tub to discard.)

5. With the orange, the direction of movement changes. This time you are moving inward. With the lime and lemon, you are casting things away. With the orange, you are bringing something to you, inviting it in. Oranges are a symbol of prosperity, good luck and fortune. With each orange wedge, you now move from the fingertips to the shoulders, from the toes to the hips. (I take each one even further, bring them all the way into my heart area.) Discard each wedge into the tub as with the other fruit.

Imagine the orange slices bringing healing and light into your life, making your way clear and bright. Declare that you are lucky, that things now go your way, that the way is easy, that opportunities abound, etc. Affirm what it is you want to feel.

6. When all the fruit is gone, there should be 12 quarters in the tub. There is an added bonus of divination to this spell. Look to where the fruit has settled. If the fruit has all settled near the drain, this indicates that the block has been broken. If the fruit is far from the drain, you may need to repeat the spell in the near future (in a week or month or so.)

If the fruit landed far from the drain, you can still take control. Push the wedges forcefully toward the drain. Declare that all blocks have been broken.

7. Remove the fruit from the tub, putting them into a paper bag, and drain the water. When you are finished with the spell, it's best to dispose of the fruit them outside of your home. (For old time magic, do this at a crossroad, but that is not very realistic in today's neighborhoods, so the outside trash bin is fine.) DO NOT eat the fruit!

8. So you're naked and sticky. Stay sticky for a few hours, if you can endure it. (I usually put on a loose fitting garment and chill for a few hours.) Shower off when you're ready.

(This spell was originated by Judika Illes. I have paraphrased it and posted it here with her permission.)