Mar 18, 2016

A Purple Spell for Creative Inspiration

Use this spell when you are in need of creative/artistic inspiration.

What you'll need:

• A purple candle
• Amethyst stones
• A small disposable cloth
If you want to up the purple power in this spell, you can wear purple clothing, but it's not necessary.

1. Think of the area in which you need creative inspiration.

2. Set up a purple candle surrounded by amethysts. (I went all out, because I love my purple preciousssses, but use whatever amethysts you have. A small few will do just as well.)

I like to use birthday candles for quick spells. I find that spells don't need hours of time to work. As long as your intention is clear, a few minutes is all that is needed. I get impatient waiting for a larger candle to burn, and impatience is counterproductive to the positive energy required for magic to work.

3. Light the candle.

4. Hold your favorite amethyst in your hand. (Keep it in hand as long as the candle burns down.)

5. Set your intention, then clear your mind. Allow yourself to receive. Let your mind be a blank slate that you allow your higher/divine self to write upon.

6. You can keep your eyes closed, or focus your gaze on the candle flame.

Inspiration is likely to come during the process, or later that day, but be patient if it takes awhile. You should be struck with inspiration sometime over the next few days. It can happen in the shower, while washing dishes, while falling asleep, while dreaming, when you're just waking up, during meditation, etc.

7. When the candle burns out, thank the stub of wax that is left, wrap it up in a soft cloth and discard.

8. Seal it with a kiss: Pick up each of the surrounding amethysts and kiss each one (yep!) to seal the deal.

9. Keep the amethyst that you kept in your hand during the spell with you until inspiration hits. If you received your message during the spell, you can thank the amethyst and put it away. If you are still waiting for inspiration, keep the amethyst close to you until you receive what you are looking for. Keep it in your pillowcase at night, carry it in your pocket during the day.

I like to take a bath right after doing this spell. It allows for extra me-time where I can relax and remain open a bit longer for receiving the desired inspiration.

When I last did this, I had two fresh ideas come to me during the candle burning, and another idea hit me in my bath afterwards. Purple Jackpot!

A Purple Spell for Creative Inspiration!