Feb 19, 2016

Quickie Candle Spell Tip

Birthday cake candles are a brilliant way to conduct a quick candle spell, when you can't (or don't want to) wait for a larger candle to burn down. I assume they must sell tiny candle holders somewhere that will hold a birthday cake candle, but if you don't have time to find or order one, this tip uses a common household item.

A binder clip!

This idea came to me while I was looking around the room for something to hold this tiny candle because I needed to do a little spell really quickly before taking my bath. Genius struck, and I went searching for a binder clip.

I didn't know if it would stand upright, or stay upright, but it did, at just the right angle.

How it's done:
Open the binder clip and insert the candle so that the candle bottom is touching the bottom of the inside of the clip. Set the clip down on a flat surface, and open the sides so that they are resting on the surface evenly, like they are in the photo above. * Set your intention and light the candle! *

A quickie birthday candle spell tip! 

 I didn't know what would happen when the flame reached the clip. I thought maybe it would melt the clip (which is why I put something under the clip to protect my table), but it didn't. A weird thing did happen though... one of the metal sides slowly lifted up in the air as the candle burned down. I kept waiting for it to fly up and send the clip tumbling or flying, setting the house on fire, but it didn't. All was good.

But I absolutely recommend that you not leave it unattended. 
Just in case. Which isn't much of a hardship, considering these tiny candles only take a few minutes to burn all the way down. Just use the time to meditate or concentrate on your spell.

The flame will eventually burn itself out as it dips below the top of the clip, and you should be left with a nub of a candle, as shown above. I suggest that you take the nub and throw it away in the garbage outside, to release the spell. Otherwise, you can bury it or follow the instructions on the spell you are performing. Or just discard it wherever you want. It's all you.

Now if you're like me, you're gonna want to run out and stock up on a rainbow of birthday candles! Chances are, you already have a small binder clip laying around somewhere.